Thursday, May 31st, 2007~ Tracy Goes To AAC Speech Therapy At NSU ~ Tracy had her first Speech Therapy session since her return from Louisiana this morning! Our good friend and speech therapist, Debbie Rand, accompanied us. Tracy was pretty sleepy during the session. Dr. Lowe commented that it was the first time she saw Tracy this lethargic. Mom explained that Tracy was up several times during the night, and did not get a good night's sleep. (No one sleeps well when Dad is away, not even Dad!) Tracy painted another picture using the spin art attachement to her switch. Dr. Lowe assisted Tracy with the switch by positioning her head to the left, thereby spinning the paint. There are not many artists out there who can paint while they are sleeping! Tracy also hit the switch on her right several times to turn the music on; this time a CD by John Mayer. Tracy has AAC Speech Therapy at Nova Southeastern every Thursday at 11:30 AM. Tracy Gets A Much-needed Massage & Physical Therapy By Dee ~ Tracy got a much-needed massage by Dee this afternoon. He commented that Tracy felt loose, especially her left side. It seems that the Botox is working in her upper extremities and hands. The effects of Botox usually peak around 6 weeks, and lasts for about 3 months. After Tracy's massage and stretch, Dee and Tania got Tracy on the peanut ball to practice head and trunk control. Tracy did a good job lifting her head, although she still can only hold it up for a few seconds at a time. Tracy tolerated about 45 minutes on the peanut in a straddled position. Tracy's Hippotherapy Program ~ We are all very excited (especially Tracy) and looking forward to Tracy starting Hippotherapy tomorrow at 2:30 PM at Bit By Bit Therapeutic Riding Program in Parkland. More on this later. Dad Makes It Safely Back From Dallas ~ Dad returned from his meeting in Dallas around 6:30 PM this evening. Everyone was really happy to have him home and missed him a lot! Things always go a lot more smoothly when he is at home! Daily OM: Short Getaways: Taking A Day Trip!

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007~ Dad Leaves For Dallas For A Business Trip ~ Dad left bright and early this morning for an overnight business trip to Dallas, the American Airlines Headquarters. He was diverted to Abilene due to inclement weather, and finally made it by 2 PM! He will be back tomorrow evening. Tania is staying with Mom, Tracy and Luca until he returns. Tracy's Ramp To The Dock Gets Built ~ Tracy's ramp to the dock was built today by Gil, our good friend. He did a great job and now Tracy has access to everywhere we do in the yard. Tracy & Tania Go For A Walk ~ Tracy and Tania went for a short walk around the neighborhood this afternoon. Tracy really enjoys being outdoors. Tania Reads To Tracy From Letters For Sam ~ Tania read some to Tracy from Letters For Sam this evening. Tracy really seems to enjoy this heartfelt story about a grandfather's letters to his grandson who suffers from autism. Mom Gets A Massage ~ Mom got a massage this evening from Fern. She strained her back over the weekend, most likely kayaking against the wind. It felt a lot better after her massage. Fern said that Mom had a lot of very tight muscles and was long overdue for her massage. Tracy will get a massage from Dee this afternoon. Tania, Mom, Tracy & Luca Watch New Summer Pilot Hidden Palms ~ The girls and Luca watched a new summer pilot on the CW called Hidden Palms. It looks like an interesting summer program to follow, especially since all of the usual shows are off for the summer. Daily OM: Raising Our Consciousness: Stepping Out From Where We Were!

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007 ~ Tracy, Tania & Luca Get A Haircut! ~ Tracy, Tania & Luca Get A Haircut ~ Tracy, Tania and Luca got a haircut today! Luca went to the groomers and got a puppy cut and Tracy and Tania went to Orlando's and got a trim! Everyone looks beautiful (Well, actually, Luca looks handsome and the girls look beautiful!) Tracy Goes To FAU For Speech Therapy With Kristin ~ Today was Tracy's first day back with Kristin for Speech Therapy at FAU. (Last week was actually the beginning of the semester but Tracy missed the first two sessions because we were in Louisiana!) It was so good to see Kristin, after the long semester break. She worked with Tracy using her Step by Step sequential switch, encouraging Tracy to dialogue about her recent trip to Louisiana, her evening at the Seal concert, and her Memorial Day weekend. Kristin has such a good rapport with Tracy, and Tracy stayed awake and engaged throughout her session. Kristin showed Tracy magazine pictures of her favorite male actors: Brad Pitt, Leo DiCaprio to name a few. Tracy did a good job looking at the pictures, even turning her head at times to see them. (Who wouldn't be motivated by such hotties!) Next, Kristin worked with Tracy's oral motor skills, putting flavored lip gloss (sugar cookie) on Tracy's lips. She assisted Tracy with lip closure by asking her to blot her lip gloss. Tracy tried real hard to close her lips and even succeeded. Next, Kristin let Tracy smell some of the new cologne samples in the magazine. She had her sniff the new Obsession Night and also Hypnotic Poison. Tracy did not seem to like Obsession Night but was a little more intriqued by Hypnotic. (She was very animated!) Daily OM: The Ultimate Authority: Using Our Own Minds!

Monday, May 28th, 2007 ~ A Blessed Memorial Day To Our Troops & Veterans! ~ Mom & Dad Go To Bikram Yoga ~ Mom and Dad went to 9:15 AM Bikram Yoga this morning while Felicia stayed with Tracy. It was the toughest class they had been to since they started attending Bikram Yoga. Looks like they are making up for the two weeks they were away! Argh! Tracy Has Therapy On The Mat Outside On The Patio ~ Dad, Mom, and Felicia got Tracy on the peanut ball on the therapy mat outside on the patio. Tracy did a good job tolerating 45 minutes straddled on the peanut with Dad or Mom supporting her from behind. They rocked her side to side to strengthen Tracy's vestibular/proprioceptor system. Additionally, this position helps to strengthen Tracy's trunk and head support. It was the first time in weeks since Tracy was seated on the peanut ball. Nana, Uncle Johnny, & Aunt Diane Come Over For The Day ~ Nana, Uncle Johnny and Aunt Diane came over to spend the day with us. Mom and Dad fixed broiled tilapia, steamed veggies, and salad for dinner. It was really delicious and very healthy! Mom, Luca & Dad Go For A Quick Kayak Ride In The Canal ~ Mom, Luca and Dad went for a quick kayak ride in the canal while Felicia, Nana, Aunt Diane, and Uncle Johnny stayed with Tracy. It was so windy they could not make it out of the canal and into the North Grand Canal. Luca got soaked but seemed to enjoy the adventure. He has his own life vest! The wind has been blowing pretty hard for the past week or so. We hope this is not a prelude of a very volatile hurricane season! Mom, Dad. Tracy & Luca Watch The Miss Universe Pageant ~ Mom, Dad, Tracy and Luca watched the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant this evening! They couldn't believe their eyes when Miss USA fell flat on her butt during the evening gown competition! Ouch! Daily OM: Healing With Movement: Rediscovering Dance!

Sunday, May 27th, 2007 ~ Mom, Dad, Tracy and Marvelyn Go To Church! ~ Mom, Dad, Tracy & Marvelyn Go To 12 Noon Mass ~ Mom, Dad, Tracy and Marvelyn went to 12 noon Mass at St. Paul The Apostle Church in Lighthouse Point. Marvelyn is Tracy's new Sunday personal assistant from the agency. She is really nice and seemed to bond instantly with Tracy and our family! We are looking forward to her coming on Sundays to help us with Tracy! Nana, Aunt Diane, & Uncle Johnny Come Over To Spend The Day With Us ~ Nana, Aunt Diane, and Uncle Johnny came over to spend the day with us. It was a sunny day with lots and lots of wind! Luca had a good time outside on the patio with everyone! He got a good taste of being outdoors in the country at MawMaw's in Louisiana! Dad & Mom Grilled A Beer Can Chicken For Dinner ~ Mom and Dad grilled a beer can chicken on the grill for dinner. They made fresh grilled asparagus and roasted garlic stuffed tri-color bell peppers with garlic cloves! It was delicious and so healthy too! Mom & Dad Cook Pork Chops For Dinner ~ Mom and Dad cooked pork chops for dinner. They were good! Dad, Mom, Tracy & Luca Catch Up On This Season's Final Episodes of Desperate Housewives ~ Mom, Dad, Tracy and Luca caught up on the final episodes of this season's Desperate Housewives. Daily OM: The Spirit Of A Place: Visiting Sacred Sites!

Saturday, May 26th, 2007 ~ Mom & Aunt Diane Go To Spinning ~ Mom and Aunt Diane went to 9:00 AM Spinning in Coral Springs this morning. Felicia stayed with Tracy while Dad got the oil changed in the van. Dad cleaned out and organized the garage so that we are ready for the rapidly approaching hurricane season. He did a great job! Mom, Dad, Luca and Tracy Go For A Walk Around The Neighborhood ~ Mom, Dad, Luca and Tracy went for a long walk around the neighborhood this evening. It was a pretty evening complete with even a rainbow! Mom & Dad Cook Italian Sausage For Dinner ~ Mom and Dad cooked Italian sausage for dinner. It was gooood! Mom & Dad Chill Out In The Hot Tub ~ Mom and Dad relaxed in the hot tub after a busy day chock full of chores! Daily OM: Messengers From The Wilderness: Weeds!

Friday, May 25th, 2007 ~ Tracy Recovers From Her Big Night At The SEAL Concert In Miami Beach! ~ Tracy Chills Out In Her Chair Most Of The Day ~ Tracy slept in her chair most of the day, catching up after her busy night at the SEAL concert in South Beach! Mom had an eye appointment at Rand Eye Institute at 9:00 AM for a complete check up. Tania did the Publix shopping run before the long Memorial Day weekend. We are finally restocked after our 12 day trip to Louisiana. Tracy, Dad, Mom, & Luca Catch Up On Grey's Anatomy Episodes Leading Up To The Season Finale on Ti-Vo ~ Tracy, Dad, Mom and Luca caught up on the previous episodes of Grey's Anatomy which they missed while they were away in Louisiana. Tomorrow evening, they plan to watch the season finale. Mom Rides Her Spin Bike While Dad Catches Up On Smallville Episodes & Tracy CPMs Her Left Leg ~ Mom rode her Spin bike for one hour while Dad caught up on Smallville episodes and the season finale. Tracy ranged her left leg on the CPM. Later, Mom and Dad relaxed in the hot tub after a very busy week! Daily OM: The Joyful Flow: Good Vibrations!

Thursday, May 24th, 2007 ~ Tracy Goes To SEAL Concert In Miami Beach! ~ Tracy Gets A Manicure ~ Felicia gave Tracy a well-deserved manicure. The color pick of the week is a shimmry violet! Wow! It really looks pretty, especially with Tracy's tan! Mom, Tracy, Tania & Barbie Walked Around Southbeach, Browsing Through All Of The Local Artisans ~ Mom, Tracy, Tania and Barbie walked around the Lincoln Mall, browsing through all of the local artisans' jewelry. Tracy showed some emotion when Mom asked her if she remembered coming to Southbeach before her accident. Mom knows that Tracy, her good friend Allison, Sasha, Nicole, and others used to go to Southbeach often when she was at UM. They used to roller blade around the very same area we were walking this evening! Mom, Tracy, Tania, & Barbie Meet Dad At Tiramesu's On South Beach For Dinner Before The Seal Concert ~ Mom, Tracy, Tania and Barbie (Tania's friend from high school) met Dad at Tiramesu's on South Beach for an early dinner before the Seal Concert at the Jackie Gleason Theater for the Performing Arts. Dinner was very authentic southern Italian. Delicioso! Mom had the best arrugula and shaved parmesan salad since Le Scentose in Naples. Dad had a caprese salad and spaghetti alla vongole! Buonisimo! We sure wish that Tracy could eat and we are sure that she does too! (Please pray that she begins to swallow, move her tongue and chew soon!) SEAL Concert ~ The SEAL concert was truly amazing! SEAL is an incredible entertainer with lots of energy! He played for nearly two hours and had the whole house rocking, clapping, dancing and singing. Tracy really seemed to enjoy the music and the energy was electrifying in the crowd! Everyone had a great time, especially Tracy! Daily OM: The Spirit Of A Place: Visiting Sacred Sites!

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007 ~ Mom, Tania, and Felicia Unpack & Reorganize After Returning From New Orleans ~ Mom, Tania and Felicia spent the day catching up on chores and reorganizing Tracy's things after returning from New Orleans yesterday. Tracy spent the day resting up after her long trip home yesterday. Tomorrow evening , we plan to take Tracy to see Seal in concert at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach. Mom LOVES Seal and we think Tracy does too! (We hope she does because Mom plays Seal all day long!) Mom Goes To Bikram Yoga ~ Mom went to the 4:30 PM Bikram Yoga class in Lighthouse Point. It was the "moment of truth" for her after not going for two weeks. Did she pay the piper! Ouch! It was the most difficult class she has ever been to! Instead of surrendering which is the mantra of yoga, Mom let her ego take over and struggled her way through the 90-minute class! Mom Rides Her Spin Bike For One Hour ~ Mom rode her Spin bike for one hour while Dad was at Bikram Yoga. Nothing like being back in the saddle again! She and Tracy watched the two-hour finale of American Idol while she rode her Spin bike and Tracy rode her CPM machine! Dad Goes To Bikram Yoga ~ It was Dad's turn to pay the piper for two weeks off at 6:30 PM when he went to Bikram Yoga! He also said it was the toughest class ever! Mom, Dad, Tracy & Luca Watch the Two-Hour Season Finale Of American Idol ~ Mom, Dad, Tracy and Luca watched the two-hour season finale of American Idol. They were all pulling for Jordin!Mom & Dad Grill Italian Sausage & Asparagus For Dinner ~ Mom and Dad grilled spicy Italian sausage for dinner this evening and caught up with the final three episodes of 24! They stayed up until 1:30 AM watching the finale! Argh! Tomorrow will be a long day! Daily OM: Looking Deeply: The Good In All!

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007 ~ Mom, Dad, Tracy & Luca Return To Florida ~ After Uncle Mike brought us some delicious donuts from the local bakery, Mom, Dad, Tracy and Luca loaded the van and headed to New Orleans International Airport to catch the 12:50 PM flight back to Miami. After checking six very heavy suitcases (what ever happened to traveling light?) they got everyone on board for the 2 hour flight. Luca and Tracy did exceptionally well! Tracy is sitting up much better in the airplane seat, a marked improvement after her orthopedic surgery. Luca fit under the seat in his travel bag and slept most of the way home. He did not even bark once! He was pretty tired after his stay at MawMaw and PawPaw's! Tania met us at the airport with the van and helped us get everything home and unpacked. We had a wonderful visit with the family in Independence and really enjoyed our stay in New Orleans. After a wonderful time, it always feels good coming home! Mom, Dad, Tracy & Luca Watch American Idol ~ Mom, Dad, Tracy and Luca watched the Jordin and Blake's final competition on American Idol this evening while they were unpacking. Mom is still pulling for this season's best: JORDIN! Results of the winner will be announced Wednesday evening! Stay tuned! Mom, Dad, Tracy & Luca Watch Dancing With The Stars ~ Mom, Dad, Tracy and Luca watched Dancing With The Stars and Mom sure was happy to see Apollo Anton Ohno win! It was a close contest and all three finalist are amazing athletes! Tracy Vomits This Evening ~ Tracy was getting her right leg ranged by the CPM after a 12-day reprieve when Mom gave Tracy her Jevity 1.2. Because Tracy had not vomited since May 11th, Mom decided to try feeding her two cans v very slowly in an effort to return to her previous two-can feeding schedule. Tracy immediately threw up about 2 ounces after her second can infused. Looks like we learned two things: 1) we will not feed Tracy while she is on the CPM (her knee may compress her stomach and cause her to vomit) and 2) we will maintain the one-can feeding schedule for several more weeks. Daily OM: Hidden Gems: Experiences We Don't Understand!

Monday, May 21st, 2007 ~ Mom, Dad, & Mildred Give Tracy A Bath In MawMaw's Sunken Tub ~ Mom, Dad and Mildred gave Tracy a long bath in MawMaw's sunken bath tub. We place her on a inflated float in the middle of the tub! She looks like the Queen of Sheba! Tracy really enjoys her baths at MawMaw's! After her bath, Mom gave her a facial. Mom & Dad Pack For Their Return Home To Florida ~ Mom and Dad spent the remainder of the day packing for their return to Florida tomorrow. Wow! There sure is a lot of stuff! Mom & Kathryn Jean Go For A Run Around The Field ~ Mom and cousin Kathryn Jean went for a three-mile run around the field in MawMaw's yard. They went three miles, which was an accomplishment since Mom had not run for quite a while, and her hamstrings let her know! Aunt Kathy Sue Makes A Huge Fruit Salad & An Angel Cake ~ Aunt Kathy Sue made a delicious fruit salad and a sugar free angel cake. MawMaw baked a crawfish pie for dinner. Uncle Mike, Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Frank, Aunt Kathy Sue and the girls came over for dinner. It is so good to be surrounded by family! We are really going to miss them! Mom, Dad, Tracy, Luca & The Gang Watch The Finale Of The Bachelor ~ Mom, Dad, Tracy, Luca and the gang watched the finale of The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman this evening. Once again, Tracy was chilling on the air mattress in the middle of the living room floor in front of the big screen TV. She really enjoys being in the middle of everything. We are looking forward to getting our family room equipped with a therapy mat where Tracy can stretch out and watch TV with the family when not doing therapy. It is a project that we are working on, which will include a window seat that pulls out to a full length therapy mat in the family room where Tracy will do her therapy! Daily OM: Let Go And Let Flow: Taking A Leap Of Faith!

Sunday, May 20th, 2007: In Independence ~ Everyone went to mass this morning at Mater Dolorosa Catholic Church and returned to MawMaws for Aunt Kathy Sue's spaghetti and meat balls along with fried chicken. Uncle Johnny and Aunt Tilly came over to visit us. It was great to see them. Our good friends Jenny and Vincent also came to see us. It had been several years since they had seen Tracy and Mom. Uncle Mike Grills Italian Sausage For Dinner ~ Uncle Mike grilled Italian sausage for dinner. It was delicious! Everyone Watched Brothers & Sisters ~ This evening, everyone watched Brothers & Sisters together in the living room. Tracy enjoyed hanging out with her cousins on the air mattress in the living room! Luca had fun too. Daily OM: Cleansing The Heart Of Your Existence: Nine Ways To Have A Healthier Home!

Saturday, May 19th, 2007: In Independence ~ Everyone slept late and then we gave Tracy a morning of beauty treatments. Mom gave her a facial and she had a long bath in MawMaw's big sunken tub. She also had her hair washed and really enjoyed the extra special attention. During the afternoon, Tracy received a massage from Jim and she was able to lay on her stomach and have her back worked on for more than 30 minutes. Pawpaw and Dad went to uncle Mike's house on the golf cart to help him get his patio ready for tonight's barbeque. The evening was cool, the waxing moon was next to Jupiter, and Uncle Mike cooked the best steaks Dad had every had. Aunt Kathy Sue, Uncle Frank, Kathryn Jean, Caroline, Elizabeth, Uncle Mike's best friend Anthony and his wife Lynn and daughter Amanda along with Lloyd, Susan and Baron joined MawMaw, PawPaw, Mom, Dad, and Tracy, for one of the best family meals Uncle Mike and Aunt Cheryl had ever prepared. The meal was topped off with a special bread pudding and peach cobbler. Luca enjoyed playing with his cousins Millie and Rosa, two beautiful poodles. Daily OM: Hope In Hardship: Anything Can Be Overcome!

Friday, May 18th, 2007: In New Orleans, Louisiana! ~ Mom, Dad, Tania and Tracy packed everything up and dropped Tania off at the airport for her return trip to south Florida. We are really going to miss her, however, we are very thankful she shared the last week with us in Louisiana. Mom, Dad, & Tracy return to Independence ~ We had a great time in New Orleans and now we will be enjoying our family and friends for the next several days. Uncle Mike and Dad went to one of Dad's old friends from High School, Angelo Mannino, to buy the best Ribeyes you have every seen. These will be the main course for Saturday night's dinner. This afternoon Lloyd and Susan came over to MawMaw and PawPaw's house to cook a real Louisiana dinner for all of us. We started with Baked Shrimp, followed by a seafood gumbo and finished with 40 pounds of boiled crawfish with corn, potatoes, garlic, and onions. For dessert we had dirt pie. Everything was sooooo good it made everyone want to slap their grandma. (Don't worry, this is just a N'Awlins' saying that means MMMM good!) Daily OM: As Good As Your Word: Promises!

Thursday, May 17th, 2007: In New Orleans, Louisiana! ~ Mom, Tania & Tracy Go Back To The Riverwalk To Shop ~ Mom, Tania and Tracy went back to the Riverwalk to shop and sightsee. They bought souvenirs, t-shirts, and some other typical New Orleans momentos to take back! Mom, Dad, Tania & Tracy Go To Honors Night Banquet! ~ We had the honor of sharing our table with Dr. and Mrs. Roy DeHart and two Russian Aerospace Medical Specialist. Dad was elected as one of the four Vice Presidents of the Aerospace Medicine Association and will serve for two years on the Executive Council. He also assisted the President in handing out the 15 annual awards. We want to congratulate our dear friends Andy Belenkes for being selected as the President Elect of the Aerospace Medical Association and his wife Susi for being this years President of the Wing. Susi designed Tracy's Angel Teddy Bear. Following the banquet everyone went to Harrah's Casino for some entertainment. Daily OM: Putting Power In Perspective: Always Be For Something!

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007: In New Orleans, Louisiana! ~ Mom, Tania & Tracy Go To The Riverwalk To Shop ~ Mom, Tania and Tracy went to the Riverwalk to shop and sightsee. Mom got a much-needed pedicure and manicure while Tracy and Tania shopped. They found some cute things at The Loft and The GAP. Mom & Dad Go To The President Of AsMA's Reception ~ Mom and Dad went to the President of AsMA's Reception on the 42nd floor of the New Orleans Marriott. What a beautiful view of the Crescent City from the top of the Marriott! Mom, Dad, Tania & Tracy Go To The French Quarter ~ Mom, Dad, Tania and Tracy went to the French Quarter to listen to some jazz and to check out the hurricanes at Pat O'Brien's. The French Quarter has so many memories for Mom and Dad! They met for the first time November 10th, 1978 at My Good Friend Rodney's! Mom showed Tania around Pat O'Brien's while they were waiting for their dinner. They reminisced about the time that Nana and Papa came to visit and they all hung out in the famous piano bar. Such great memories! Daily OM: Gifts From The Universe: Accepting Your Family!

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007: In New Orleans, Louisiana! ~ Mom, Tania & Tracy Go To The Aquarium Of The Americas ~ Mom, Tania and Tracy went to the Aquarium of the Americas this afternoon. It had been over twenty years since Mom and Tracy had been to the aquarium! Tracy and Tiffany were about five and seven years old during our last visit and our visit brought back a lot of great memories. It was a lot of fun to watch the penquins and the seahorses! The rain forest was also very beautiful. There was lots to see and do! Tracy seemed to enjoy her visit as much as Tania and Mom did. Mom, Dad, Tania & Tracy Head To Uptown New Orleans For Dinner At Pascal Manales.~ Mom, Dad, Tania and Tracy spent the evening in Uptown New Orleans at Pascal Manales, an old style restaurant built in 1913! The food was as good or better than we all remembered. It had been many years since we had been there. Dad had alligator sausage, Tania had crabcake Alfredo and Mom had Oysters Bienville! After dinner, we rode around the Garden District and saw the beautiful mansions along St. Charles Avenue. Loyola and Tulane Universities looked like they are back after Katrina, and many of the restaurants are open for business. Daily OM: Tangible Enchantment: Magical Things!

Monday, May 14th, 2007: In New Orleans, Louisiana! ~ Tracy Sleeps In ~ We let Tracy sleep in this morning since she was pretty tuckered out from her busy weekend! She really seemed to enjoy her leisurely morning. Tracy & Mom Attend The Wing Of Aerospace Medicine Reception ~ Mom and Tracy went to the Wing Reception this afternoon in the Sheraton Hotel. It was really nice to see all of our old friends and to meet new ones! Mom and Dad have been attending the Aerospace Medicine Association conference since 1984 and the girls have grown up around all of our AsMA family! We are especially looking forward to next year's conference in Boston, Mom's home town! Mom Works Out At The Gym ~ Mom went to the hotel gym to work out on the elliptical. She had time for a quick 30-minute workout before she had to get ready for the banquet! She sure does miss Monday night Spinning class! Mom & Dad Attend The AsMA Fellow's Banquet ~ Mom and Dad attended the AsMA Fellow's Banquet this evening while Tania and Tracy hung out in the room watching Dancing With The Stars! (Go Apollo Anton Ohno!) Tania finished her paper that she had to submit on-line by midnight. When Mom and Dad returned, they took Tracy and Tania downstairs to the Atrium to celebrate the end of Tania's semester! Daily OM: The Power Of Transmutation: Violet-Flame Meditation!

Sunday, May 13th, 2007: Happy Mother's Day! ~ Mother's Day Luncheon At The Trey Yuen Restaurant ~ Mom, Dad, Tiffany and Tracy joined the Anzalones, the Edwards, and the Henkels in the private room at the Trey Yuen Restaurant in Hammond for Mother's Day Lunch. Everyone had a wonderful meal and enjoyed catching up with family and friends! It had been over a year since everyone spent some quality time together. Mom, Dad, Tiffany, Tania & Tracy Head To New Orleans For The AsMA Conference ~ It was time to pack it all up and head to New Orleans for the annual Aerospace Medical Association conference at the Sheraton. Luca is staying with Mamaw and Papaw and his big brother Snow, the American Eskimo in Independence. We miss him already! Mom, Dad, Tiffany, Tania, & Tracy Have Dinner In The Atrium Of The Sheraton ~ Mom, Dad, Tiffany, Tania, and Tracy enjoyed a light dinner in the Sheraton Atrium this evening. It is so nice to catch up with our AsMA friends and to meet new ones! Daily OM: Centered And Safe: Keeping Your Energy Strong!

Saturday, May 12th, 2007 ~ Tracy Gets A Bath In Mamaw's Giant Tub ~ Mom, Tania and Mildred gave Tracy a bath in Mamaw's giant tub. It is always fun to bathe Tracy in the giant tub. They put her on a blow-up float/raft and she really gets to chill out and enjoy her bath. It is the only place where Tracy gets a bath and not a shower! Shelley and Colin Visit Us ~ Tiffany and Tracy's good friend Shelley and her son Colin came to visit us. We all sat outside around the pool to soak up some Louisiana sunshine. Tracy got several shades darker, even with sunscreen on! The sun sure is hotter on the bayou! Mom Drives To New Orleans To Attend The Airline Medical Director's Banquet With Dad ~ Mom met Dad at the hotel and they both went to the Airline Medical Director's Dinner at the hotel. Mom was able to spend the night in New Orleans (where Dad and Mom first met) while Tracy stayed with Tania, Tiffany, Kathryn Jean, Elizabeth, Mark (Elizabeth's boyfriend), Aunt Kathy Sue, Mamaw, Papaw, Snow and Luca. They all watched the movie: The Guardian, with Ashton Kutcher. Tracy had a huge smile on her face the entire evening and really enjoyed hanging out with her cousins and everyone! Daily OM: Returning Home: Open Heart!

Friday, May 11th, 2007 ~ Dad Makes It Safely To Independence ~ Dad made it safely to Independence with the UHaul. It took no time to unload the trunk and return it to Hammond. He was sure happy to get to Independence with the rest of the family. Mamaw had Sicilian pizza for lunch and everyone enjoyed it! Mom, Tiffany & Kathryn Jean Go For A Walk ~ Mom, Tiffany, and Kathryn Jean went for a walk around the neighborhood. Papaw & Dad Have Dinner Together In New Orleans ~ Papaw drove Dad to New Orleans to check in to the hotel for the conference which starts bright and early tomorrow morning. They both enjoyed dinner at the Royal Sonesta Hotel Oyster Bar! It was great to spend some quality time catching up! The Girls Hang Out With Mamaw ~ Tiffany, Kathryn Jean, and Elizabeth have dinner at La Correta's in Hammond and then Tiffany and Kathryn Jean went to see Georgia Rules. Mom, Tania, Tracy and Luca hung out in the living room with Mamaw. Mom fell asleep in Papaw's heated massage chair! Ahh! Ommm! Daily OM: Healing Past Hurt: Our Evolving Language!

Thursday, May 10th, 2007 ~ Mom, Tracy, Tania & Luca Travel To Louisiana! ~ Mom, Tracy, Tania and Luca flew to Louisiana this morning. Dad drove the UHaul with some family furniture to return to Independence. Luca did great on the plane! Mom gave him some Benadryl and he slept in his carry case under the seat! Tracy did awesome too! She relaxed and listened to her Ipod. She is sitting up so much better in the airplane (especially after her hip and knee surgery!) She did not even need the extra velcro strap that Mom usually straps around her trunk Tiffany Meets Us At The New Orleans Airport! ~ Tiffany met Mom., Tania, Tracy and Luca at the airport and everyone drove to Independence! Mamaw had lunch from Gina's Italian Cafe waiting for us when we arrived! Yummy! Visited With Cousins ~ Tracy enjoyed catching up with her cousins on the mattress in the living room. Luca enjoyed terrorizing Snow and Onyx! He is such a playful pup! Everyone had appetizers and wine tasted some interesting Armenian wine from our friend Tamar. Daily OM: Healing With Movement: Rediscovering Dance!

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007 ~ Happy B'Day Uncle Mike! ~ Felicia & Tania Pack Tracy's Suitcase For Louisiana ~ Felicia and Tania packed up all of Tracy's stuff. Boy does she have an entourage! She has more stuff than Paris Hilton! Luca has quite the wardrobe too. Mom is bringing his overalls with his name on them! Maybe he and Paw Paw can ride the tractor together! HA! HA! Tiffany plans to meet us at the airport when we arrive Thursday morning. She will spend the long weekend with us in celebration of Mother's Day! Tracy Rests Up For The Long Trip To New Orleans ~ Tracy spent the day resting up for the long trip tomorrow on the airplane. Tania is coming with us to New Orleans. We are really looking forward to showing her the Crescent City! Luca has never been on an airplane before so it should be quite an adventure! We are looking forward to seeing Maw Maw and Paw Paw and all of the family! Luca will finally meet Snow, our dog who now lives with Maw Maw and Paw Paw. (We gave them Snow when we moved to Naples, Italy in 2000). We plan to take lots of pictures! Mom Takes Luca To The Vet For A Health Certificate ~ Mom took Luca to the vet to get his health certificate for traveling on the plane to New Orleans. He now weighs 6.7 lbs! Oh my goodness! Mom is going to have to put him on the puppy treadmill! Dad, Mom, Tracy & Luca Watch American Idol: Results ~ Dad, Mom, Tracy and Luca watched American Idol: Results this evening while they finished up the last bit of packing. Daily OM: Essential Authenticity: Revealing Your True Self!

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007 ~ Tracy Gets A Manicure & A Pedicure ~ Felicia gave Tracy a manicure and a pedicure this morning. The color, once again, is a pretty shade of pink. This time it is a shimmery bubble gum pink! Very pretty! Tracy Relaxes In Her Chair ~ Tracy had such a busy, exciting day yesterday that she was pretty wiped out today. She relaxed in her chair most of the day while her nails dried! Dad Goes To Bikram Yoga ~ Dad went to Bikram Yoga at 6:30 PM this evening. It is a 90-minute intense workout. He is really hooked and seeing great results! Mom Packs For Louisiana ~ Mom spent the evening packing for Louisiana while Tracy rested on her CPM. Dad has an Aerospace Medical Association meeting next week in New Orleans and we plan to visit Mamaw and Papaw in Independence! This is the first time everyone will be meeting Luca! It will be fun to have him meet Snow and Onyx. Mom, Tracy & Luca Watch Dancing With The Stars: Results ~ Mom, Tracy and Luca watched Dancing With The Stars: Results! It is getting down to the semi-finals and they are still pulling for Apollo Anton Ohno! Daily OM: Uplighting Showers: Rainy-Day Ideas!

Monday, May 7th, 2007 ~ Tracy "Paints" Her First Picture! ~ Tracy Goes To Her Second AAC Speech Therapy Session At NSU ~ Tracy had her second Augmentative Assistive Communications Speech Therapy session today at Nova Southeastern University in Davie. Dr. Lowe and Juliet (the student clinician) did some really fun things with Tracy today. They began by showing Tracy some really awesome pictures of beautiful (and handsome) models in various fashion. Dr. Lowe used Tracy's Step by Step switch which allows short statements to be recorded. The purpose is to stimulate conversation, interaction, and eventually spontaneous speech. Dr. Lowe scripted a conversation pertaining to the pictures that Tracy was looking at. Tracy would then respond by hitting the right switch to advance the script. One of the dialogues they scripted was about Jack Johnson, one of Tracy's favorite musicians. Then Juliet would hold up a picture of Jack Johnson. (Mom brought a picture of Tiffany with Jack Johnson and an album that Tiffany had Jack autograph for Tracy.) Tracy had the option of hitting the right switch to "talk" about Jack and/or hit her left switch to listen to Jack Johnson's CD Brushfire Fairytales. Tracy laughed a lot and really enjoyed being able to engage in this type of conversation. Next, Dr. Lowe showed Tracy Spin Art, which is a wheel that can be operated with Tracy's switch. Dr. Lowe asked Tracy which color she would like to "paint" with and then Tracy had to hit her right switch to spin the wheel to distribute the colors on the paper. Tracy "painted" an awesome picture which Mom named "healing heart". It looks like the sacred heart of Jesus! Luca sat very quietly on Mom's lap and was very attentive during Tracy's Speech Therapy session! Mom, Uncle Johnny, Aunt Diane, & Nana Go To Spinning ~ Dad stayed with Tracy while Mom, Uncle Johnny, Aunt Diane and Nana went to Spinning. Tracy, Luca and Dad watched Dancing With The Stars while they were gone. When they returned, Mom and Dad made Italian sausage omelettes, hash new potatoes, and toast for dinner. It was really good. Mom, Dad, Tracy & Luca Watch 24: Mom, Dad, Tracy and Luca watched 24 last night after everyone went home. It is getting near the end of the season finale! Daily OM: Tethered To The Earth: Existing In Bodies!

Sunday, May 6th, 2007 ~ Dad Goes To Bikram Yoga ~ Dad went to 8 AM Bikram Yoga this morning! He is really seeing a difference (and so are we) in his posture and his metabolism! Mom, Nana, Aunt Diane & Anita Go To A Fashion Show Luncheon To Support Helping Hands Nonprofit ~ Dad, Luca and Joyce stayed with Tracy while Mom, Nana, Aunt Diane, and Anita went to a fashion show/luncheon to raise money for Helping Hands of Boca Raton, a nonprofit that assists the homeless, unemployed and underemployed with job skills training and mentoring. Thank you Anita for inviting us! Everyone had a great time and met some really nice people. Dad Hooked Up The Antenna To The Sound System ~ Dad surprised Mom with music in the family room! He hooked up the radio tuner to the surround sound system! He is still working on getting the Ipod connected! Mom Cooked Italian Sausage, Red Beans & Rice, & Roasted New Potatoes For Dinner ~ Mom cooked dinner for everyone this evening. It is so nice to have Sundays with family. We miss all of our family who are not close by and can't wait to get together with them soon! Mom, Dad, Luca & Tracy Watched Brothers & Sisters ~ Mom, Dad, Luca and Tracy watched Brothers & Sisters this evening. It's one of Mom's favorite shows! Tracy Has ACC Speech Therapy Tomorrow At NSU ~ Tracy has an 11:30 AM session at Nova Southeastern University for ACC Speech Therapy with Juliet and Dr. Lowe. She will miss two weeks while we are away in New Orleans! Daily OM: Feeling Our Words: Words Have Weight!

Saturday, May 5th, 2007 ~ Cinco De Mayo! ~ Tracy Vomits This Morning ~ Tracy vomited again this morning before leaving for Pahokee! She vomited about four ounces! Tracy, Mom, Dad, Nana, Luca & Felicia Go To St. Mary's In Pahokee To A Healing Mass ~ Tracy, Mom Dad, Nana, Luca & Felicia went to Uncle Johnny's Church, St. Mary's in Pahokee to a healing Mass in celebration of the feast day, Santa Croce (Holy Cross)! Our friend, Ruth, who is a healer, prayed over Tracy at the end of the Mass. It was a beautiful experience to have the entire congregation of spiritual people praying over Tracy to be healed. Mom Cooks Dinner For Nana & Dad ~ Mom cooked broiled tilapia and green beans and artichoke casserole, and made a green salad for dinner. Nana spent the evening with us and we watched the Kentucky Derby and A Tribute To Barbaro. It was really a good synopsis and a wonderful tribute to a beautiful horse's life! Everyone showed such an outpouring of love and support for this horse and its owner! Wow! Daily OM: Hand In Hand With Nature: Healing Gardens!

Friday, May 4th, 2007 ~ Mom Takes Luca To The Groomer ~ Luca went to the groomer this morning for a much-needed haircut. His nails really needed to be clipped too! Mom Goes To Bikram Yoga ~ Mom went to Bikram yoga this morning for the 9:15 AM class. It is such a great way to start the day! Dr. Phan, the director, owner, and instructor told everyone in the class about Tracy and about this website. Tracy Goes To Nova Southeastern For Augmentative Assistive Communication (AAC) Therapy ~ Today was Tracy's first AAC Speech Therapy session with Juliet and Dr. Howe. She was really excited to be there and really was alert and awake throughout the entire session. Juliet and Dr. Howe explained the goals for this semester and it sounds like Tracy is going to be learning some fun things to do with her new switches. They plan to introduce some new software programs which will enable Tracy to play some games and draw with her switches. We are looking forward to her next session on Monday at 11:30 AM! Tania Massages Tracy's Hands, Fingers & Wrists With Scented Lotion ~ Tania massaged Tracy's hands, wrists, and fingers with scented lotion. She also spent some time ranging her left hip which is a little tight as a result of all of her medications. Tracy, Mom, Dad, & Luca Watch Grey's Anatomy on TiVo ~ Tracy, Mom, Dad and Luca caught up on their Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives shows that they had TiVoed last week. They had Thai food for dinner and relaxed after their busy week! Daily OM: Celebration Of Enlightenment: Wesak!

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007 ~ Tracy, Tania, & Felicia Take Luca For A Walk ~ Tracy, Tania, and Felicia took Luca for a walk around Venetian Isles. It was so hot, that by the time Luca got home, he was panting like a dog! (Oh, but he is a dog!) Dee Works With Tracy On Her Physical Therapy & Gives Her A Massage ~ Dee came by to give Tracy a massage and to work with her on the therapy mat. After her massage, Dee and Tania got Tracy on her knees over the peanut ball. They propped her on her elbows and supported her from behind. She did a good job tolerating 20 minutes in this position. Dee tried tall kneeling with Tracy but it seemed uncomfortable for her. Next, Dee and Tania got Tracy in long sitting position with Tania seated behind her, to work on head and trunk control. Tracy is doing a good job with head and trunk control, but still has a long way to go. Tracy's Stomach Update ~ Tracy vomited about 10 ounces this evening around 7 PM. Tania had just given Tracy her medication and she and Mom put Tracy in the CPM machine. After about two revelations of Tracy's right leg in the CPM, Tracy became nauseous and began to vomit. (Mom emptied her stomach so that she would not vomit any more.) An additional theory (other than the Zelnorm, Ritalin, Domperidone) could be that the CPM compresses Tracy's stomach when her hip is flexed to 120 degrees, resulting in her vomiting. Dad Goes To Bikram Yoga ~ Dad went to Bikram Yoga this evening. He is really enjoying this intense body, mind and spirit work out! Uncle Johnny Comes Over For Dinner ~ This evening, Uncle Johnny came over for dinner. Mom grilled Italian sausage, cooked Asian fried rice and made a baby field mixed green salad. It was really good! Daily OM: Hand In Hand With Nature: Healing Gardens!

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007 ~ Tracy's Room Gets A Makeover ~ Tracy now has a "room with a view"! We converted her window to double french doors today so she will now have access to the patio from her room. She was really excited to see her new room with a view that she laughed! She has been staying with Mom and Dad in their room! The next step is to install a ramp from her room to the patio. Baby steps! We plan to move Tracy to her new room once all the modifications are completed sometime this summer! Tracy Spends The Day Awake & Alert ~ Tracy spent the day much more awake and alert. There was so much activity going on around her (sledge hammering, etc.) that not even Luca could sleep through all the noise! Tracy, Felicia, & Tania Take Tracy For A Walk ~ Tracy, Felicia, and Tania took Luca for a walk this afternoon. Luca didn't make it very far, before he started to pant! Tania had to pull him several times! The good news is that Luca lead the way home when Tania tested him. The bad news is that Luca is out of shape for a puppy! Mom is putting him on a diet! He has an appointment Friday morning at the groomers. Tania Reads Some From Letters For Sam ~ Tania read some from Letters For Sam to Tracy. It is such a sweet story! Tracy, Luca, Mom & Dad Sit Outside Enjoying The Full Moon ~ Tracy, Luca, Mom and Dad sat outside on the patio this evening enjoying the beautiful weather and the full moon! Tracy, Mom, Luca & Dad Watch American Idol ~Tracy, Mom, Luca and Dad watched the results of American Idol this evening. It is down to three women and one man! Who will be the next American Idol? Tracy Stomach Update ~ Tracy made it through the day without vomiting. We think the Zelnorm has had time to take effect in her system and also we have adjusted Tracy's feeding schedule to reduce the amount of volume Tracy has in her stomach at one time. All of these factors seem to be helping with her nausea and vomiting. Daily OM: A Whole New World: Reading For Pleasure!

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007 ~ Tracy Relaxes In Her Chair All Day ~ Tracy was pretty sleepy most of the day, after a restless night. Tania, Mom and Felicia let Tracy rest and did not push her to do therapy since she was so sleepy. Luca was pretty sleepy today as well. Luca Gets A Surprise Gift From Aunt Candy ~ Aunt Candy sent Luca a red kimono! At first, Mom was thinking "a kimono"? But then she remembered that Luca is Japanese! He's a shih-tzu! It is so cute on him. Pictures to follow! Mom Goes To Bikram Yoga ~ Mom went to yoga while Tania and Tracy watched Take Home Chef and Flip This House on TLC. Dad Goes To Bikram Yoga ~ This evening, Mom and Tracy hung out and watched Dancing With The Stars & American Idol while Dad went to yoga. Tracy relaxed on her CPM machine for an hour and a half each leg. Tracy Vomits Again This Evening ~ Tracy vomited about 4 or 5 ounces around 6:40 PM this evening. She was lying in her bed when she became nauseous and began to vomit. Daily OM: Generating Your Own Patterns: Becoming Your Parents!

Affirmation Of The Week ~ " I am a perfect being created in God's perfect eternal divine image!"

Goal Of The Week: "By affirming our perfection, we rise above self-criticism and elevate who we are to our divine prototype."

Word Of The Week: Adoration: The primary and fundamental element in adoration is an interior act of mind and will; the mind perceiving that God's perfection is infinite, the will bidding us to extol and worship this perfection. Without some measure of this interior adoration "in spirit and in truth" it is evident that any outward show of divine worship would be mere pantomime and falsehood But equally evident is that the adoration felt within will seek outward expression.

Quotes of the Week:

"Where there is breath, there is hope." ~ Deb Anzalone

"Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it." ~
Tori Amos

"To see things in the seed, that is genius." ~ Lao-Tzu

"Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself." ~ Harvey Fierstein

"Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy." ~ Sai Baba

"One must be able to let things happen." ~ C.G. Jung

Song of the Week: "God Is Real" by India.Arie!