Friday, February 28th, 2003  

Tracy is still in the Intermediate Medical Unit (One step below the ICU) and is now stable. Her pulse, oxygen levels, temperature, and blood pressure have remained at good levels and she rested well through the night. She will most likely be moved back to her room at NRH (across the street) Saturday or Sunday. She is constantly being watched and checked by specialists of all kind. In a way, this was a blessing in disguise, because she is now being seen by every specialist possible and they all will continue to watch her progress, even when she goes back over to NRH. Please continue to hold Tracy in your hearts and pray for her. It has been a stressful couple of days, but we have had wonderful support from our many visitors, Mamaw and Papaw, and Tracy's best friend, Fallon. Again, thank you all for the many gifts, cards, and flowers that were sent to Tracy for her 21st.


Thursday, 27th, 2003  

Yesterday Tracy started having problems breathing and her oxygen levels went down. We were unable to get them back up at NRH and had to transfer her to the ER (NRH is connected to Washington Hospital Center and there are skywalks connecting both buildings). She was admitted to the Intermediate Care Unit where she is now stable. They are running many tests to see what caused this and she will most likely be able to go back to NRH Friday or Saturday. Please, please double up on your prayers! Tracy needs it. Needless to say, she did not have a very nice birthday, but when she gets better we will party like rockstars.


Wednesday, February 26th, 2003

Happy 21st Tracy Amber! Tracy is pretty restless today, but is enjoying Mamaw and Papaw's company. They brought us a King Cake from the Henderson's and some wonderful Louisiana strawberries. Yummy. We only wish Tracy could wake up and enjoy them with us. She received an incredible amount of flowers, cards, and gifts for her b'day and we thank you all for your generosity.


Tuesday, February 25th, 2003  

Tracy has been slightly less responsive today and we are a little concerned. We are concerned that her high fever over the weekend may have caused her to regress. Therefore, we took her to get another CAT-Scan this morning, in order to see if there has been some more swelling of her brain recently. This is just a precautionary measure. The CAT-Scan showed that there has been no acute changes in Tracy's brain and throughout the day she began to respond a bit more. The specialists reassured us saying that Tracy will have peaks and valleys, good days and bad days, and that she needs her rest during down time when she is not having therapy. Today, because of her responses, or lack thereof, we are in a valley. Please continue to pray with us. This is just another obstacle in the long road to recovery.


Monday, February 24th, 2003  

Tracy had a pretty restless night and has calmed down some this morning. She is up in her chair now and is handling it well. This afternoon, PT and OT are going to take Tracy out to a rehab table in order to stretch her limbs. Tomorrow, Mamaw and Papaw come! Plus, Tracy's 21st b'day is in two days! Feb. 26th!


Sunday, February 23rd, 2003  

Good morning everyone! We just wanted to thank Mr. Lloyd and Uncle Johnny and Aunt Tilly for sending us wonderful King Cakes! Mmmmm...we have been able to educate the staff at NRH about King Cakes and Mardi Gras. We are contemplating putting a piece in a blender and letting Tracy enjoy her favorite cake. What do you think? ;) Tracy is having a quiet day thus far. We are hoping she will rest some since she was pretty aggrivated all last night. Please note that there are new additions to the Important Links section. Thanks.


Saturday, February 22nd, 2003  

Tracy had another visitor today, our friend Jacqui from Va Beach. She brought Tracy lots of "smell goods" from Bath and Body Works. Tracy has been pretty aggrivated today and seems to be very frustrated. She was up in her chair for about 2 hours. Please note that there are new additions to the Important Links section. Thanks.


Friday, February 21st, 2003  

Today has been pretty emotional. Tracy was relaxed in her chair and upon seeing her favorite picture of her with Nick and Christine she became very upset and angry. She emotionally reacted to the picture not once, but twice. Another sign that she is becoming more aware of her external environment. Then she began to vocalize more when her trach was plugged. It seemed as if she was trying to talk to us, but right now all that comes out are moans and groans. Every day we can see more and more of Tracy's fightin' attitude. She has had her eyes open more today while being relaxed. She was up in her chair for a good 3 hours and tolerated it very well.


February 20th, 2003 

The hospital's psychologist came in today to assess Tracy's cognitive level and to speak with all of us about her condition (We meet with her once a week). She asked me (Tiffany) to talk to Tracy and try to get her to vocalize. Tracy did not do what I asked of her (when does she ever?), but we could tell she was definitely listening. The psychologist said that there was an apparent change in her facial expressions and that means that Tracy is aware of her external environment, which is a huge step. On the Rancho Los Amigos Scale Tracy is now closer to a 3 (See links below to read about scale). Tracy also spent some time on the tilt-table (in order to strengthen her legs) again today with the help of her OT, Kate and her PT, Marlena. Yesterday was the first day that we were able to plug Tracy's trach and let her breathe through her nose and mouth. It was plugged for two hours. The plan is to plug it every day for about two hours and gradually increase the amount of time it's plugged. Tracy has new additions to her stuffed animal family...A Gonzaga University bulldog from the ladies at the GU in Florence Office, a Godiva teddy bear from Aunt Betty, and a giant, pink Easter Bunny from the Eggert family.



February 19th, 2003

Tracy has had a pretty active day. She was up in her chair for two hours and has had her eyes open for most of the day. She responded to a picture of her, Nick, and Christine by following it with her eyes and seems to be focusing alot more. She also  mimicked her speech therapist saying "Ahh" when asked. However, she did not repeat this when asked again. Tracy had some special visitors today. Our friends, the Eggerts, visited this afternoon and their son, Brandon, age 5, drew Tracy some great pictures. We hung them up for Tracy to enjoy every day


February 18th, 2003

Today has been a pretty quiet day for Tracy. It is still too difficult for most of the therapists to get to the hospital with all the snow, however, she has had some sessions. She was fitted for splints for her hands, to keep them in tip-top-shape and we were able to get her in her chair for a few hours. Today was the first time we could get Tracy into some real clothes and she seems much more comfortable. She loves her new tear-away pants from Mamaw and Papaw!


February 17th, 2003

Tracy's leg surgery and complication was one month ago today. Keep those prayers coming! We are still here at the hospital and it's still snowing. Our friends from Louisiana are stranded here as well and it looks like Uncle Johnny and Nana are not going to make it here at all. Because of the snow, Tracy will not have therapy today, but Dad will give her a good workout.


February 16th, 2003     

Snowed In!!  Well, we are all stranded here at the hospital and have to spend the night. The roads are not cleared enough and the metro is barely running every 2 hours. We have over a foot of snow now and are expecting 1-2 feet more. Fun times! The hospital was nice enough to have food for guests and employees for free, so we at least had some dinner! Tracy has had another day of beauty! Our friend Shelly from Louisiana gave her a pedicure and made her feet nice and soft. We got Tracy in her chair for about an hour to get her out of bed and stretch her limbs. Unfortunately, Uncle Johnny and Nana were unable to fly into DC today because of the snowstorm we are currently having. Hopefully they will get here sometime tomorrow.


February 15th, 2003

Tracy has been extremely calm today and spent almost 2 hours in her chair. While in her chair, our friend Shelly washed and trimmed Tracy's hair. She looks beautiful and I'm sure she feels tons better. We've had many visitors today, despite the nasty driving conditions! Sunday is her much needed day of rest, she's had one busy week. We've come to the conclusion that she just doesn't want to wake up and see snow! She hates cold weather. Maybe we should move her back down to warm Miami. :)


February 14th, 2003

Happy Valentine's Day! Today during PT and OT, Tracy was put in her chair and was shown her new "Hugging Bears" that the Rogers' Family sent her.


February 13th, 2003

Tracy's therapists placed her in her chair again today for about an hour and she did very well. While in the chair, Tracy's OT held a picture of Tracy with her Florence friends Nick and Christine. Tracy focused on the picture and with help grabbed at it. She also was put on the weight-bearing board again, called a tilt-board, in order to strengthen her legs. She was able to get up to a 35 degree angle, 7degrees more than yesterday. Tracy has a trach, from which she breathes out of and has been very vocal today. She copied her Communications/ Speech Therapist changing her sounds from "Ahhs" to "Ohhs". It was really impressive. All of these things are babysteps in the right direction. However, please remember that Tracy is still considered to be in a "coma." Please see the Important Links section to read about various stages during rehab when a brain injury is involved. 


February 12th, 2003

Tracy is busy with her sessions today. She was placed in a weight-bearing device in order to strengthen her legs. She did well with it. Tracy also had xrays of both her left leg and chest just to make sure everything is ok. We received many cards, pictures, and prayers yesterday and thank you all for your support.


February 11th, 2003

Today we had some special visitors. Four Sisters of Mother Teresa's Order stopped by to see Tracy today. They prayed over her and told us that everyday at 3pm they pray for the sick, especially Tracy. They invited us to pray with them at 3pm Eastern time. We invite all of you to do so as well. Tracy is busy with her therapy sessions today. I want to clarify what I meant about Tracy sitting up in her chair. During her physical therapy sessions, Marlena, Tracy's PT uses a lift to place Tracy in her chair. She did this twice yesterday and twice today. Tracy spends about an hour or so in the chair in order to get out of bed so we can stretch her limbs. Her therapists said that yesterday was her best day yet. She opened her eyes (she does open her eyes, but not on command, therefore she is still considered to be in a coma) and focused on her

speech therapist. All of these babysteps are wonderful signs and we remain hopeful. This weekend we will be blessed with visitors. Our friend Shelly will be visiting from Louisiana as well as Uncle Johnny and Nana from Florida!


February 9th, 2003

Tracy is currently at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington D.C. Sunday is Tracy's day off from rehab, however my Dad continues to exercise her legs and arms to keep them in tip-top shape. Monday-Saturday Tracy has a rigorous rehab schedule. She has two sessions a day with her physical therapist, occupational therapist and communication therapist. They keep her busy and always have positive things to say.Tomorrow, will mark three weeks in DC and one week at NRH. Thanks to all who have signed the guest book!


February 8th:

Tracy is at NRH in Washington DC and making progress daily. Babysteps is our favorite term!